Lameirinho - Indústria Têxtil, S.A. respects your privacy and ensures that the necessary measures are taken to protect the data you share with us (such as email, address, telephone number, etc.). This Privacy Policy was created in order to explain the way we collect your data, to which end and what are your rights concerning their use.

By using this website, along with other Lameirinho - Indústria Têxtil, S.A. platforms you agree with our Privacy Policy terms and conditions.

  1. Source and type of Data collected
  2. Purpose of you Personal data
  3. Privacy and protection of your Personal Data
  4. Time period and storage of Personal Data
  5. User rights
  6. Cookies Policy
  7. Changes to Lameirinho - Indústria Têxtil, S.A. Privacy Policy
  8. Contacts


  1. Source and typo of Data collected

Personal Data is considered all the information that can identify you as an individual, such as name, address, email, telephone number, tax number or credit card information.

Personal Data can be collected through the following actions:

  • Register process on our website when you create your account;
  • Transaction information when you make a purchase on our website;
  • Records of correspondence exchanged with between the user and Lameirinho ;
  • Answers given in surveys with the purpose of statistical analysis;
  • Use, views and technical data, including your device ID or IP address when you visit our website or open e-mails that we send;
  • Searches made on our website;
  • Completing of forms on our website;
  • Subscribing to newsletters;
  • Other marketing initiatives that have the objective to attract new contacts.


  1. Purpose of your Person Data

The Personal Data we collect on our website is meant to:

  • Provide information regarding products and services to our clients;
  • Clarify any doubts related to order processing and/or possible complaints;
  • Handle information requests of our customers;
  • Process and delivery of purchases;
  • Send information regarding special offers;
  • Send information about new products;
  • Market studies, profile evaluation and consumer preferences in order to:
    • Detect possible market trends;
    • Creation of personal suggestions;
    • User behavior analysis to improve the shopping experience;
    • Optimize our products and services;
  • Send invitations to events in which Lameirinho - Indústria Têxtil, S.A. is involved in;
  • Campaigns and events related to the company, its associates or partners.
  • Detect, investigate and stop any activities that could be illegal or in violation of our policies;

In order to fulfill some of the requirements mentioned above, Lameirinho might transmit users Personal Data to companies belonging to Lameirinho Group or to third parties outsourced to provide support services, such as financial organizations, anti-fraud entities, technology, logistics and customer services providers, and / or transaction analysis services performed on the Platform in order to provide users with sufficient guarantees in the context of commercial operations, etc.

Your data will not be used to a different end than the one you gave your consent.

In the event that you don't wish to provide your data you will be unable to acquire our products or access information regarding certain services, special offers and content related to the company, its associates or partners.


  1. Privacy and protection of your Personal Data

The personal data you provided will be used for the purposes described in point 2 of the present Terms and Conditions, by Lameirinho - Indústria Têxtil, S.A., and its affiliates.

Lameirinho - Indústria Têxtil, S.A. is responsible for handling your personal data, by automated systems or others, since its collection, organization, preservation until deletion, ensuring the confidentiality of all the data you supply.

Lameirinho - Indústria Têxtil, S.A. follows a rigorous compliance of the standards related to the handle of personal data, according Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Counsel of 27 of April of 2016.

Lameirinho - Indústria Têxtil, S.A. assures that any data gathered is the strictly necessary for the purpose of client management (including the creation of profiles); marketing and publicity, purchase invoicing, deliveries and complaints.

Lameirinho - Indústria Têxtil, S.A. only outsource services to third parties that present enough guarantees about appliance of the GDPR (EU 2016/679) and internal privacy policies of data protection for the treatment of personal data, which ensure the defense of the rights from the user.


  1. Time period and storage of Personal Data

Your data will be stored for a period of five years, starting when you give your consent to our terms and conditions, or in the event you have signed a sales and purchase agreement or service agreement, your data will be stored for a period of ten years or more if stated by law, starting when you give consent to our terms and conditions.


  1. User rights

At any moment and free of cost you can exercise your right to ask Lameirinho - Indústria Têxtil, S.A. to/for:

  • Access your personal data;
  • Rectify your personal data;
  • Eliminate your personal data;
  • Limit the treatment of your personal data;
  • Oppose or remove previous consents;
  • Portability of your data to another entity indicated by you.

In the event that there is a legal obligation that overrides these rights, Lameirinho - Indústria Têxtil, S.A. will explain the grounds for its refusal.

In case you believe your data is not being handled in conformity with the law, either National or European, we remind you that you have the right to complain to the supervisory authority.


  1. Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer, telephone or other device by a website, containing details of your browsing history on that website.  You can get more information about our use of Cookies through our Cookie Policy (


  1. Changes to Lameirinho - Indústria Têxtil, S.A. Privacy Policy

Lameirinho - Indústria Têxtil, S.A. reserves the right to periodically update its Privacy Policy. Any update that is made will be announced not only on our website, but through other appropriate means of communication. The information will be sent to all our clients and potential clients to the contact data provided.

The continued use of our website, apps, services and resources after such update and the announcement will be considered as an agreement to said update.

The current version was published on 19-12-2019.


  1. Contacts

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at:

Phone: (+351) 253 422 000
Encarregado/a de Proteção de Dados (DPO)
Lameirinho - Indústria Têxtil, S.A.
Rua do Burgo, n.º 651,
4835-309 Guimarães

For any legal affair you should contact our authority, the National Data Protection Commission of Portugal (, or a local authority.